Liz Carey, M.S. Counseling

This is where I can help.

I’m Liz Carey, Founder of Anxiety Relief Solutions, part of The Real Work, LLC. I started this extension of my business because I saw a missing piece in the world today. Real, sustainable help in relieving anxiety and feeling overwhelmed in a way that is practical and makes sense for real people, in their real lives.

Anxiety and feeling overwhelmed is on everyone’s minds today. It’s relentless and the uncertainty only continues. And, the truth is, it’s always been like this, just not as intense as over this past year. In some way, each and every one of us has been pushed to our limits and stress and anxiousness has skyrocketed.

High on the wish list for everyone is simple – RELIEF. Relief from the relentless, stressful experience that anxiety, being overwhelmed, and even panic can cause.  Relief from feeling like we're not enough, we're not okay, or that doom is right around the corner. Relief from feeling that life is a series of burdens and pressures. 

So, what makes my work so different?

Here’s what I offer as your guide
when we work together 1:1:

Over 20 years working with people 1:1 in their businesses, personal lives, conducting seminars, and all kinds of interpersonal and developmental workshops.

20 years’ work with a Master Therapist trained by the renowned psychologists and therapists Erik Erikson and Louis Ormont.

An M.S. in Counseling and a B.S. in Psychology

Someone who has gone through situations close to what you may be experiencing. I’ve been there. I’ve done the work. I have found relief. You can, too.

First, you won’t find one methodology or approach when you work with me.  Instead, I address what is timely and immediately useful in an often-unconventional way. I start with you, where you are. I ask questions, I share my own experience with anxiety, I work with you in an embodied way. We work together experientially. We try things, we try more things, and we don’t quit until we land on what works for you.  What makes sense and, most importantly, what gives you real relief from your anxiety.

Second, I don’t use tired, old-school methods to work on the issues. We resolve the most pressing and stressful problems you’re experiencing using fresh and useful interactions. These can be incredibly intense and uncomfortable, but this is where The Real Work happens.

If this intrigues you, that's wonderful! You understand that real change isn’t easy or implemented in a day. An easeful life requires nurturing and follow-up. Achieving that life also means doing hard work, and having some good humor.

Contact Us:

300 New York Ave #2236 Winter Park, Florida 32790
Tele:  (917) 208-9976